Rock's Edge

Rock’s Edge Community

Rock’s Edge will include residential, light manufacturing, & services. Our goal is to serve current needs & spur more growth consistent with rural values.

Conservation Development

Conservation development generally entails preserving 40-50% of a site’s natural features by permanently preserved public or semi-public open space. There is an emphasis on ensuring each structure is located adjacent to this open space and that the open space helps to preserve critical resources, such as floodplains, steep slopes, wetlands and other desirable characteristics from being impacted by the development.

Mixed Use Development

Rapid residential growth doesn’t account for the need for more jobs and premature economic development leaves employers without a local workforce. Considering the moderate development rates of Morrow County, the most successful larger scale developments today would work to balance land uses to generate a sensible community development project.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Practices

As development occurs, the green roof theme of Bonecutter’s existing facility, pictured below, will be extended to include actual “green roofs” with vegetative storm-water mitigation features and solar panels. Combined with electric vehicle charging stations, the green energy-focused development will embody Morrow County’s motto of “Love Life, Live Rural.”

Village Character

Morrow County’s heritage is that of a region of villages. To avoid the feeling of sprawling subdivisions, Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) with elements of the New Urbanism movement will be a good fit for the site. This planning typology focuses on what made our older towns successful and builds around a town center that fulfills the pedestrian-friendly central business districts that help create a strong tax base for our local communities. To be successful, such communities typically involve a minimum density of two (2) units per acre and provide for the development of businesses and civic uses to serve the new residential units and the surrounding area.

Next Steps…

If you would like more information about the community or are looking to invest or build here, please follow this link to contact us. Contact Us